Every year to spend holidays in Ukraine becomes more and more popular. The main reason if it is the diverse climate and unique natural resources, which will help to organise your rest in best way (high mountains, deep clean sea, various places of interests every guest of Ukraine will disciver with pleasure), and you feel the uniqueness of the Crimean rest. All the guests of Ukraine will choose the place he want to visit according his needs and wishes. The abundance of historical attractions, diverse nature, comfortable climate, warm sea and the lack of language barriers, attract many tourists every year. Lets have a small inline tour via the main Ukrainian touristic places : Kiev and Lviv
The Crimean peninsula is a dream of everybody ... Amazing and beautiful Crimean peninsula has long been rightly called "the pearl" of Europe. The Crimea opened for all guest the wonderful world of modern and ancient times and the variety of attractions. Sea, sun, beach clubs, a lot of interesting people from all over the world it is the advantages of the rest in the Crimea. Amazing Carpathians ... To rest in Carpathian is useful and excellent the same time. The year round Carpathians are opened for visitors. Awakening Nature and mountains presents the Carpathian spring, the abundance of forest berries, warm sunshine and clean mountain rivers and lakes in the Carpathians summer gives for all tourists, unforgettable snow skiing in the Carpathian mountains everyone will find in winter , autumn is the ideal time of year for mushrooms, berries and forest fruits. Cold clean rivers, healthy sunshine and mountains - this is vacation in the Carpathian Mountains.

For family rest you may choose the Azov sea. It turns out not to travel to distant province, to the fashionable resorts. A unique health Azov Sea is in our native country not far from any place of Ukraine. The composition of the Azov Sea's water is very useful for health.
Healing warm sea, fresh sea air, beautiful nature - it is vacation near the Sea of Azov. The banks of Black sea ... Relax on the shores of the Black Sea offers the guests a unique combination of sea air, smell of grass and different entertainments. The main zone of the Black sea rest is in Nikolaev, Odessa and Kherson regions. The air is very clean, and a combination of steppe and the maritime air mass is the treatment for the lungs. Black sea is rich in different kinds if fish. If you like sweet friuts and delicious vegetables you surely have to visit the Black sea coast in summer. If you like fresh juicy fruits, you can easily buy them on the Black Sea coast. The abundance of peaches, grapes, apples, pears and many other fruits will please every guest.
Odessa offers for all guests an abundance of beaches, health resorts, beautiful streets and parks. Each guest of Odessa is not indifferent, once visiting this unique city of humor and laughter. Odessa is a city of contrasts and harmony simultaneously. Undoubtedly, the rest in Ukraine will give you an unforgettable experience. After returning home, you will tell your friends about the unique holiday. What a place to relax in Ukraine you would choose, you will return to this beautiful country again.

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