The most democratic beach city of Odessa can be considered Luzanovka beach. The beach is located about forty minutes by bus from the center towards the village Kotovskiy, one of the sleeping areas of the city of Odessa.
This beach is the only natural one in Odessa, there are breakwaters or piers. A walk along the coast will bring you much pleasure. The length of the beach is a mile. Near the beach there is a park where you can have a picnic under the shade of trees. It is really comfortable that there is no need to climb stairs down to the sea.
Entrance to the beach is free. You can take a deck chair or an umbrella for a fee. As well as at other beaches on Luzanovka beach there is a rescue rig, clinic and police station. There is entertainment for kids; water slides, swings and roundabouts.
Snack or lunch can be tight in the small cafes and bars which are located on the coast. Fresh beer, shrimp or marine fish are cooked on the grill, how can you abandon it?

For the young generation there are a lot of ice cream and milk shakes here.
This beach is most popular among the villagers of Kotovs'kyi, Luzanovka is rather closer to them. But if you want to reach it from the center it is not very comfortable, that is why the beach is considered the most spacious. In summer you can find a free place easily. Nearby there is the children's health camp "Molodaya Gvardiya".
In the coastal area you can find stalls with souvenirs. Swimsuits and trunks are also easy to aquire if suddenly you forget yours, as well as various bathing suits, from swimming floats for kids to diver`s mask .
There are a lot of nightclubs here also. Prices are more than acceptable. You can get to the Luzanovka beach from the center on any bus, riding toward the village Kotovsky. For example, minibus number 250, 145, or 190.

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