The oldest beach town of Odessa is Langeron, which is the closest to its historical center. Once, Count Langeron, one of Odessa's city administrators was a resident. Now this is one of the most popular beaches - there's always a lot like Odessa and visitors alike. Above the beach is an arch, the only reminder of the famous summer residence of the count, near which there is parking. On the coast is Cape Langeron, which restricts the south Gulf of Odessa.
Entrance to the beach is free. The list of paid services includes rental couch, umbrellas, showers with fresh water. The beach has a health center and police station. There are many good restaurants where you can pamper yourself with sea delicacies and taste the real Odessa cuisine.

The beach entertainment "Aquapolis" is located on the territory of Langeron.There is a variety of aquatic and terrestrial entertainment for both children and adults alike. Rent a boat and go on a short journey into the open sea.
The Dolphinarium is located on Langeron near hrefhotel Nemo in Odessa, which is open every day except Monday. There are morning, afternoon and night shows. In the summer of open air and during the night the they have firework shows. There is dolphin aquarium inside the building. It showcases exotic fish and reptiles. It will provide you with a lot of impressions! Oh, and by the way, do not forget to buy a dolphin figurine, just for memory.
You can reach the beach by the trolleybus number 2 and number 3 or taxi 233. Either are within walking distance from downtown through the Shevchenko park. Any path in the park to the sea takes you to the famous Langeron beach. A free minibus goes from the arch to the Dolphinarium.

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