Especially popular among the beaches of Odessa is the Beach Delphin (Dolphin), with excellent infrastructure. The length of the beach is one kilometer and it was founded in 1968.
For travelers with a car this is almost the best option. The beach is a comfortable level road that ends in a paid parking lot. For walking travelers at the sanatorium "Magnolia", located on the French Boulevard, near hotel Lermontovskiy, a life is provided that will bring you into a tunnel after which you go straight onto the beach. People who like to walk can take the stairs.
It's a crowded beach where you can see a lot and also be seen. It is not easy to rent a deck chair, umbrella and mattress. The beach is sandy, ennobled - before the start of the season the sand must sift through a "special" device - the big screen.

The complex "Taboo" is located at the Dolphin Beach for fans to rest in special circumstances, near - enexpencive Odessa hotel Yunost The sand is more clean and has a friendly staff. Daytime they run a restaurant and a nightclub in the evening. Prices are slightly higher than at other beaches, but the fact that it is comfortable justifies the extra price.
On this beach there are not many cafes and restaurants, but you will never be hungry; on the few stalls you can buy mineral water and fresh, ice cream, and Shawarma.
You can get to the beach from Prospect Shevchenko by taxi 193 and 194, and then walk to the French boulevard and into the sea. On the road you can go for a walk on the Odessa`s Botanical Gardens, just along the path.
Relaxing on the Dolphin beach is a perfect opportunity to sunbathe on clean, soft sand and swim in the Black Sea.

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