One of the largest nudist beaches in the city of Odessa is considered Chkalovsky beach. In fact, this paradox, is fifteen minutes from the center. It is much appreciated by amateur tanners just for location.
This beach is in contrast to other Odessa's beaches and is not sandy, and covered with pebbles. From habit, of course, it's quite unpleasant to lie on hard stones instead of soft sand, but also has its advantages: firstly, there is no dust from the sand, and secondly, just useful.
The beach itself is clean and a little crowded. It will feel good for both naked natives and those with swimsuits who accidently wander into the beach.

Most of the visitors are strangley, only men. You can find Yogi, who immediately on the beach, are doing complicated asanas or meditating. Girls generally prefer not to be completely naked and sunbathe topless. The main reason for such modesty is the beach is not easily overlooked. Afterall you can be watched from the neighboring beach and on top from the slopes.
The beach has a small bar where you can buy water and a snack. For the main meal you will go to a nearby beach. You can get Chkalovsky by a tram number 5 to the stop Chkalov resort. Next, you must pass along the central avenue of the sanatorium in the sea.
Then you go around the beach resort on the right side and you are there. Or any minibuses run along Prospect Shevchenko to the stop, "Sports Palace", and then walk through the Botanical Garden to the sanatorium. From the city center to the avenue you can catch a trolleybus number 5.

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