Beach Chaika in Odessa is located just south of Arcadia beach, near the stations of the Great Fountain. Directly above the beach you can see a small park, it is a favorite place for moms with kids. A little further there are a few restaurants that will please fans of Caucasian and Georgian cuisine. The smell of kebabs will make you salivate excessively.
The beach is located in the coastal zone, right behind the private sector. If you are looking for a place to stay then you will not have to go far. On the small houses hang ads to be taken. The price range depends on the quality and quantity of services provided. You can rent a cot in the room for five people, and can use self-catering apartments with sea views and a buffet.

On the beach there is quite a nice bar with restaurant. Here you have a tasty dinner for just a little money. Serving sizes are pleasing to the eye. On the way to the beach, there is a private house perched a small supermarket where you can buy everything you need in order to feel sated and comfortable. It's not without trays with ice cream, cotton candy and souvenirs.
The beach is very clean and wide, there is a place where you can lay your own bedding.
You can reach the beach by buses 185 and 223 With its convenient location and clean beaches they attract more and more visitors every year. Maybe for you, this beach will be one of your favorite.

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