Odessa, Ukraine is one of the major port cities located in the southern part of the country. It is situated on the Black Sea and is famous for its mix of beauty and economic power. Odessa is a major industrial city with about 1 million inhabitants, and at the same time, a great resort known for Sunny Beaches with a warm sea and a special way of life.
Numerous historic sites attract a large number of tourists. Buildings with beautiful architecture and wide streets of the city, give visitors a sense of prosperity and wealth. In high season from May to October in Odessa there is warm and sunny weather. And sometimes it seems that the sun will never leave this city.
Because of its uniqueness and location Odessa was named, "Pearl of the Black Sea" Arriving in this city, vacationers will be able to find enough hotels and restaurants on the coast without problems. If you want to save a little money, give preference to a private apartment in Odessa. Contact a real estate agency to find an apartment near the sea at a reasonable price quickly.

The air of Odessa Ukraine is known for its softness and the characteristic temperate climate of the Black Sea has a surprising abundance of sunny days. Because of the sea breeze in summer it is not so hot. The combination of warm sea, beautiful beaches, great amounts of fruits and vegetables all create ideal conditions for recreation, tourism and human health.
The resort area of Odessa coast stretches for 20 km. One of the most popular recreational areas of the city is the eponymous beach Arcadia. It is located on the Black Sea, which includes most of the night clubs and other places for summer vacation.
Equally popular beaches here are; Luzanovka, Langeron Chernomorka, Gold Beach, Dolphin, Seagull, Arcadia, Otrada, and others.
Luxury white sand beaches are dotted with small cafes where you can sit in the shade and drink cold drinks while watching the waves. Also the city is gaining popularity because of new lodges in gulf Carolino Bugaz.

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